Facts and Myths About Trekking in Colca Canyon Peru


Whether you opt for a solo getaway or a group hike, prepare well before heading to Cabanaconde. As mentioned earlier, it is best to do this in Arequipa, a large and beautiful city that is worth a visit. Before the expedition, you must first acclimatize to the Andes – an strike of altitude sickness during a trip to Colca, both for a short trip and for a longer hike, can end tragically, especially since Peru does not have mountain rescue training, and medical assistance is provided by ordinary services and… private mountain rescue associations, whose services are very expensive. As part of the acclimatization before the trip to the Canyon, it is worth visiting Arequipa and doing an easier and local Trekking, for example, to one of the mountains that surround the city. For organized excursions to the Colca Canyon, the offices provide their own Transport and their own hotel on site, while if you are traveling alone, you will have to buy a bus ticket to Cabanaconda.

Several airlines operate in Arequipa, and buses run literally every few minutes. You should not believe the schedule that is available at the station – as the kind gentleman at the checkout admitted, bus drivers literally drive at will. As you can see, the lack of punctuality in bus transport is not only a national feature of Ireland, for example.

Cabanaconda is a small village with no more than a thousand permanent inhabitants. Despite this, you can find a fairly large store, several hostels and more “Fancy” hotels, as well as several dozen offers of private rooms for rent. The lowest is to stay in a tourist hostel where you can leave your luggage for the Trekking included in the price. The cost of a day in affordable hotels is 20-40 Soles, a More expensive hotel will cost about 60 Soles, while in private accommodation you will pay 40-80 Soles per room. If you have valuable electronic devices with you, I recommend choosing one of the hostels on the main square – there you will find special safes for an additional 5 Soles per night.


Less than a day or two from Cabanaconde, already in the Colca Canyon, there are several interesting places where you will find not only beautiful views, but also food and refreshments.

Sangalle, Oasis of the Andes
The most important of them is The Andes Oasis or Sangalle, located at the bottom of the canyon. The Village resembles Fondcombe from the Lord Of The Rings or Gondolinen from Silmaliirion… Again, I gave myself a little licentia poetica, but Sangalle is really beautiful and the images of The Oasis are an icon of Colca.

Alternatives: San Juan de Chuccho and Llahuar

For longer hiking routes, an Alternative is the much affordable town of San Juan de Chuccho, a small town consisting of three hotels, several private houses with rooms for rent and a small snack. It does not look very beautiful, and the buildings on it have little to do with the original construction of the aborigines of the canyon, but as you can see, Money rules the world. In Colca you will also find Llahuar, an equally small and equally profitable town with hotels and hot springs that are the perfect way to relax after an exhausting climb!

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