Facts and Myths About Trekking in Colca Canyon Peru

Whether you opt for a solo getaway or a group hike, prepare well before heading to Cabanaconde. As mentioned earlier, it is best to do this in Arequipa, a large and beautiful city that is worth a visit. Before the expedition, you must first acclimatize to the Andes – an strike of altitude sickness during […]

Checkout Inexpensive Travel and Trekking in Peru

Machu Picchu is an icon of South America and also a must on any trip to Peru (and no exception!). I have dreamed of visiting the Inca city since the night I played the Civilization series, where these ruins were an extremely powerful wonder of the world and difficult to build. Well, it’s been years […]

Here Is Guide to Enjoy Your Journey

When traveling to Chile, you should do everything to make the most of your trip. Visiting Chile is a unique experience, especially considering that traveling from Europe or Asia can be expensive. FIND THE PERFECT HOTEL There is no shortage of beautiful and exclusive hotels in Chile. If you want to maximize your enjoyment of […]